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Condition and Flow Intermediate
Let's began by conditioning the body and continue moving with a hip focused flow! Find the balance between strength and flexibility yogis!
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All In One Flow Class Intermediate
This class gives you a taste of all my programs; Yin, Unravel, and Conditioning with Vinyasa being the main meal:) Enjoy yogis!
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Journey to Tiger Pose Intermediate
Class will stretch out the entire front body from thighs to chest helping us with our peak pose King Tiger! This sequence will help release anxiety.
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Slow Flow Intermediate
Slow flow is the answer on days you want to actively move but don't want to full on vinyasa. We start with one minute stretches and keep it going!
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Feel Good Intermediate
This is a full spectrum flow. It includes a bit of everything from core work, balancing postures and options to get upside down. Enjoy yogis!
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Mighty Flow Intermediate
Breath and movement flow with a focus on the obliques.Good for the times you need to reconnect to your core center and stoke your inner fire.
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Bruce Lee Intermediate
This is my Bruce Lee fun flow! Move your energy by moving your breath in this faster pace flow! Full spectrum class with a little bit of ab work!
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Open Up Intermediate
Good cleansing flow for body and mind. From grounding standing postures to balancing poses and core work, we do it all! Don't skip you practice!
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Home Practice Advanced
Are you a teacher or a dedicated yogi who wants to be led through a home practice today? Let's begin:) Expect a bit of everything!
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Front Body Bliss All Levels
In this class we focus on lengthening the hip flexors and releasing tension in the spine through poses like sphinx and seal. Keep letting go yogis!
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Sacrum Release All Levels
This class will be spent on releasing the muscles around the sacrum via hips and hamstrings. We will also be giving the shoulders a little love!
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Low Back Release All Levels
In this class we start with modified straddle working our way into the full expression. Follow me if you're tight or Angelo to advance.
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Shoulders and Hips Intermediate
Shoulders and hips date night! Yin focuses so much on the lower part of the body so it's nice to give the shoulders love as well. Inhale your life!
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Shoulder Opening Stretches All Levels
These are some of my favorite shoulder openers. I hold most of my stress and tension in the shoulders so its nice to show them love!. Enjoy yogis!
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Deep Release Intermediate
Hips and hamstrings date night:) These are two body parts that when tight, create tension in the low back making you feel no bueno! Release yogis!
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Create Your Own Adventure Intermediate
What are you in the mood for? Follow me or follow Matt. Class starts with either child's pose or straddle. You choose! Enjoy your adventure!
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Chillax All Levels
Lovely class that has us opening the whole spine and side body. We continue our work by moving to the lower half giving our hips and hamstrings love!
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Gentle Unwind All Levels
Allow the body to release tension through some of my favorite supine hip openers. Keep letting go of unnecessary stress yogis!
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Healing Practice All Levels
For the times when you find your life to be really confrontational and you need to hit “pause”. I created this sequence to help release my spine.
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Quiet Time Intermediate
When you need to satisfy your inner introvert. We start off class with child's pose allowing us to ground the body. Enjoy your quiet time yogis!
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Release Tension in Your Shoulders Intermediate
In this class we take the shoulders through internal and external rotation work. Enjoy exploring some of my favorite poses to open up!
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Lengthen Your Body Stretch Class Intermediate
Welcome to my playground! This class lengthens out the whole body and releases tension in the mind. This should be a must for Vinyasa yogis!
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Hamstring Focused Stretches Intermediate
Class starts with supine hamstring stretches. We than move into lunges and asymmetrical forwards folds helping us to release tension in the low back.
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Lower Body Stretches Intermediate
The first 15 minutes of this class is spent in supine poses opening up hips, hamstrings and spine. These poses will prepare the body for class:)
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Hamstrings and Hips Intermediate
One of my favorite Yin sequences to release the spine by placing the focus on our hamstrings and hips. Relax and let go yogis.
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Release Tension in Your Hips Intermediate
Every Vinyasa practitioner should take this class as "maintenance" work. Focus of this class will be releasing the hip flexors.
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Shoulders Intermediate
The primary focus of this class is to open up the shoulders and heart center. This will allow us to counter pose our life of rounding forward. Enjoy
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Strengthen and Stretch Wrists and Shoulders
These are foundational tools for your upper body. This class allows you to work on wrist and shoulder flexibility as well as active mobility. Enjoy!
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Outer Hip Strength Intermediate
If I was to give my students homework, it would be the drills done in this class! They stabilize your low back and build your strength for inversions.
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Strengthen and Stretch Upper Body Intermediate
In this class, we work both on bent and straight arm strength through repetitive drills. This helps to establish a strong foundation for inversions!
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Strengthen and Stretch Lower Body Intermediate
In this class, we work on strengthening the lower half of the body from hamstrings to glutes. We learn the need to work the lower half as a unit!
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Upper Body Flow Intermediate
Full spectrum mixed level practice with a focus on opening up the shoulders and thoracic. Connect to your breath yogis!
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Forearm Balance Strong
Our peak poses will be Forearm Arm Balance/Pincha Mayurasana as well as Charging Scorpion. Follow Rachel for a mixed level flow or me to advance.
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Stabilize and Invert Advanced
First half of this video focuses on core, glutes and arm strength. You can choose to stop there until you can finish this section or keep going!
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The Ass Kicker Advanced
Ready? Let's go! We will start by strengthening glutes, outer hips and opening up the shoulders. We will then move to blanket drills. Get excited:)

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