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Wrist Strength Intermediate (NEW)
Wrist placement, strength, flexibility are all the things we explore in this class. Educate the body and mind and build a stronger foundation.
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Role of the Knees Intermediate (NEW)
Lets educate the kneecaps and whole lower body of what to do while upside down. We accomplish this through drills! Watch your attitude!
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YIN- Bedtime Ritual All Levels
Find a wall and chill out. These poses will help open up the low back, hamstrings and inner thighs. Let this be your nightcap yogis!
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YIN-Breath Work All Levels
Simple breath work to bring you back into your body and out of your head. Try it anytime you need to ground and return back to the present moment.
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CONDITIONING- Handstands and Backbend Drills Advanced
This is an advanced class for those who already have a solid handstand. Focus will be on one hand handstand drills using blocks. Have fun!

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