5 Days of Bliss


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Intro To 5 Days of Bliss
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Make Peace
This class is great for every human and in particular for runners and cyclists. My go to sequence to release piriformis and sciatic nerve.
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The Wall is your Friend
In this class we utilize our time with two different variations of half butterfly and straddle. Move to the wall and follow Matt if you're tighter.
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Hanging with the Hammies
In this supine practice we hang out with hamstrings and hips creating freedom in our low back and peace of mind. Grab a strap if you're tighter.
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Hip Love
This class is all about feeling the crap that we throw into our hips! Go to the wall and follow James if you're tight or Angelo to advance.
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Spine Release
Unlock your whole spine and get grounded. We start class with a heart opener and end with legs up at the wall. Time to release and renew yogis!

About Program

Even at the young age of 25, our bodies began to stiffen.  Mobility helps prevent stiffening by stimulating the tissues to maintain their vital healthy functions. For athletes, this allows you to work on a key range of motions and stress lines to improve performance.  Yin is a unique offering to the body. Just as the morning dew nourishes the soft supple grass, Yin lubricates and restores tired achy muscles and joints.  5 Days of Bliss aims to address these challenges. 

Level: Beginner
Duration: 5 Days
Time Required: 25-30 minutes