5 Days of Key Alignment Tips


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Day 1 - Hand Placement
The foundation of the practice. Any poses that require you to have your hands on the floor either builds your foundation the correct way or will in...
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Day 2 - Foot Placement
Incorrect foot placement often leads to hip and knee pain. This tutorial shows you correct foot placement as well as how to modify if you're extrem...
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Day 3 - Role of Knees
Learn how to protect your knees and lower back in yoga by engaging the quadriceps. This is often the missing link in the practice and why yogis can...
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Day 4 - Spinal Curves
Learn the spinal curves and how they can help you understand your yoga practice. Most injuries are due to the spine being placed in the wrong posit...
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Day 5 - 1/2 Surya A
One of the most overlooked and misunderstood poses of the practice. It is done many times in yoga and with the correct approach, it will lead you i...

About Program

Welcome to 5 days of Key Alignment Tips. These are the keys to building a proper foundation; they'll enable us to be much more efficient in exploring the practice together. If you’re my regular student, this will be a good review. If you’re new to me, this will be a good introduction--because the way I cue things may be different than what you’re accustomed to hearing. To learn more about my background, watch Not So Namaste here.

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