5 Days of Movement


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Intro To 5 Days Of Movement
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Simple Flow
Simple flow meets Unravel. For days that you don't have the energy for a crazy flow but you're also not in Yin mood. Happy medium:)
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Move and Groove
Class starts with a quick warm up designed to build heat in the body. We continue with classical standing postures and ends with a front body release.
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Get Moving
Ready to flow and go? This class keeps it moving with a well rounded flow placing our focus on breath and movement. Enjoy yogis!
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Flow and Go
In this short and effective class we awaken the body with a fluid flow designed to open up the hips and hamstrings. Consistency over speed yogis!
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Happy Hips
This simple and effective movement flow gives us the chance to check in and see how we are doing physically and mentally. Exhale unnecessary tension.

About Program

It’s time to get moving.  We have more life to live!  As we focus on circulating the breath around the body, the thinking mind takes a back seat to remembering who we are.  Syncing breath and movement as one, we move out stagnant energy, create space for our lives, and move closer to our pure potential. Whether you’re recommitting to your practice, realigning with your truth, your journey starts here!

Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 5 days 
Time Required: 20-22 minutes