Deep Stretch Yoga


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Week 1
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Low Back and Hip Stretches Intermediate
We start class by unraveling tension in our low back. This preps us for pigeon pose, double pigeon and straddle. One minute per pose yogis!
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Shoulders and Hip Flexors Intermediate
This class helps to release tension along the spine from shoulders, to front body and hips. I created this sequence to calm my anxiety.
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Unlock Your Body Intermediate
We start class on our back opening up the hips and hamstrings. We continue this work and end by decompressing the low back. Let go yogis!
Week 2
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Psoas Love Intermediate
We start class on the belly releasing the psoas and quads. We continue by stretching the hamstrings making our low back and nervous system happy!
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Front and Back Body Release Intermediate
Sore muscles anyone? Great class to release tension as we move the spine between flexion and extension! Shoulders will also receive a bit of love!
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Muscle Recovery Intermediate
I love this sequence after a long hike or a hard workout. First 1/2 of class is spend standing getting into the hamstrings. Second 1/2 is about hips.

About Program

Are you an active individual who loves to run, cycle, hike and pump iron, but never take time to stretch?

Are you an aging athlete with joint pain?

Do you round forward while seated during the day, leaving your body uncomfortable at night?

If you identify with any of these, my Deep Stretch Program was created with you in mind! 

In this two-week program, we work on increasing mobility in our hip joins which helps to release tension and pain in the low back.  We also focus on developing flexibility in the shoulders and hamstrings, so your body will feel more comfortable in general. 

Whether you’re an athlete, office worker, or yogi, these classes will help release the stresses of a fast paced life!  And for my strong flow yogis, this program holds the key to unlocking your arm balances and inversions!

Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 2 weeks 
Time: 25 mins

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