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Intro to Yogi Conditioning
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Handstand: Shape Four Intermediate (NEW)
Trying to do an inversion in its entirety is not realistic. This class allows you to work on the 4th shape I would like you to master.
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Handstand: Shape Five Intermediate (NEW)
Trying to do an inversion in its entirety is overwhelming. This class allows you to work on the 5th shape I would like you to master!
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Strong 2 the Core Intermediate (NEW)
You must understand the connection between the core and legs if you wish to balance upside down. Learn 2 move from the center, meaning from the core.
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Handstand: Shape One Intermediate
Trying to do an inversion in its entirety is not realistic. This class allows you to work on the 1st shape I would like you to master.
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Handstand: Shape Two Intermediate
Trying to do an inversion in its entirety is not realistic. This class allows you to work on the 2nd shape I would like you to master.
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Handstand: Shape Three Intermediate
Trying to do an inversion in its entirety is not realistic. This class allows you to work on the 3rd shape I would like you to master!
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Insufficient Glutes Intermediate
For most of us, the glutes have been taking a long luxurious nap and it's time to wake them up! Master these drills before attempting to invert!
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Connect to Your Core Intermediate
Let me help you understand the center of your body and how all movement from walking to inversions should be initiated from here. You're welcome:)
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Wrist Strength Intermediate
Wrist placement, strength, flexibility are all the things we explore in this class. Educate the body and mind and build a stronger foundation.
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Role of the Knees Intermediate
Lets educate the kneecaps and whole lower body of what to do while upside down. We accomplish this through drills! Watch your attitude!
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Outer Hip Strength Intermediate
If I was to give my students homework, it would be the drills done in this class! They stabilize your low back and build your strength for inversions.
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Strengthen and Stretch Wrists and Shoulders Intermediate
These are foundational tools for your upper body. This class allows you to work on wrist and shoulder flexibility as well as active mobility. Enjoy!
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Active Hip Work Intermediate
This class focuses on squats and lunges that will challenge our inner and outer hip mobility. These drills will help stabilize your low back.
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Full Body Intermediate
Think of this workout as fundamentals. In this class, we target the whole body giving us the opportunity to notice where we need more development!
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Abdominal Work Intermediate
CORE CORE CORE! Good drills to help you understand that all strength movement begins at the center of the body. Time to activate your core yogis!
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Gain Control of Your Hip Flexors Intermediate
The focus of this class is to help you gain control over your hip flexors with the help of our friends, the wall and the block! Master your drills!
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Quads and Core Intermediate
Quads and core work to strengthen the body and expand our understanding of inversions. The concept of this class is to explore our energy lines!
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Hollow Body Intermediate
The purpose of this session is to help you understand the "hollow body position". Partner drills are offered both in the form of handstands and core.
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3 Handstand Drills Intermediate
Inversion drills that I practice myself and teach to students. We will explore 3 different ways to enter handstands within this class. Time to play!
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Strengthen and Stretch Upper Body Intermediate
In this class, we work both on bent and straight arm strength through repetitive drills. This helps to establish a strong foundation for inversions!
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Inversions and Middle Splits Advanced
Ready to invert? We start class with understanding core connection while upside down. We achieve this with blanket drills. Let's go!
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Stimulate a Press Up Advanced
Let's explore drills to understand the key components of a press handstand. Stimulate a pike press up and create a blueprint for the body to follow.
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Handstand Drills Advanced
Ready to make the impossible possible? In this class, we take three of my favorite Handstand drills and put them into action! Let's go!
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Feet Together Advanced
Are you seeking a press handstand with feet together? Let's do drills that will help us with this! Don't give up yogis!
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Handstands and Backbend Drills Advanced
This is an Advanced class for those who already have a solid handstand. Focus will be on one hand handstand drills using blocks. Have fun!
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Stabilize and Invert Advanced
First half of this video focuses on core, glutes and arm strength. You can choose to stop there until you can finish this section or keep going!
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The Ass Kicker Advanced
Ready? Let's go! We will start by strengthening glutes, outer hips and opening up the shoulders. We will then move to blanket drills. Get excited:)

About Program

Condition your body with knowledge and strength gaining drills to Ellavate your inversions.

Conditioning gives you a container to build your strength and expand your awareness.  These classes offer you the opportunity to understand what is required for inversions and at the same time teach you drills needed to build strength.  A necessary step for yogis and often missed in the yoga practice.  If you are stuck at the wall in inversions or don’t believe you can build strength, give this a chance.  Don't give up! The beginning is always the hardest.