Journey to Handstand


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Intro To Journey To Handstand
Week 1
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Strengthen and Stretch Wrist and Shoulders Intermediate
These are foundational tools for your upper body. This class allows you to work on wrist and shoulder flexibility as well as active mobility. Enjoy!
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Active Hip Work Intermediate
This class focuses on squats and lunges that will challenge our inner and outer hip mobility. These drills will help stabilize your low back.
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Front Body Bliss All Levels
In this class we focus on lengthening the hip flexors and releasing tension in the spine through poses like sphinx and seal. Keep letting go yogis!
Week 2
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Strengthen and Stretch Upper Body Intermediate
In this class, we work both on bent and straight arm strength through repetitive drills. This helps to establish a strong foundation for inversions!
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Outer Hip Strength Intermediate
If I was to give my students homework, it would be the drills done in this class! They stabilize your low back and build your strength for inversions.
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Hanging with the Hammies All Levels
In this supine practice we hang out with the hamstrings and hips creating freedom in our low back and peace of mind. Grab a strap if you're tighter.
Week 3
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Connect to Your Core Intermediate
Let me help you understand the center of your body and how all movement from walking to inversions should be initiated from here. You're welcome:)
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Insufficient Glutes Intermediate
For most of us, the glutes have been taking a long luxurious nap and it's time to wake them up! Master these drills before attempting to invert!
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Spine Release All Levels
Unlock your whole spine and get grounded. We start class with a heart opener and end with legs up at the wall. Time to release and renew yogis!
Week 4
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Wrist Strength Intermediate
Wrist placement, strength, flexibility are all the things we explore in this class. Educate the body and mind and build a stronger foundation.
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Role of the Knees Intermediate
Let's educate the kneecaps and whole lower body of what to do while upside down. We accomplish this through drills! Watch your attitude!
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Release Your Fears All Levels
Class will focus on releasing our fears that often present themselves as knots in our psoas, tightening up the hip flexors. Create space yogis!

About Program

Are you tired of kicking the shit out of the wall when you’re doing handstands?

Is your approach getting you nowhere? Do you keep practicing, even though you’re not advancing?

Do you start at the end of the pose without fully understanding how you got there? If so, let’s journey back to the beginning.

This four-week program deconstructs the infamous handstand, breaking down the job of each body part and educating you on the importance of each part before you throw yourself upside down.

Once a week, we will take an honest look at the mobility required through the practice of Yin. Enjoy the journey, yogis! 

Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 4 weeks 
Time: 15-30 minutes 

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