Stoke Your Inner Fire


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Intro To Stoke Your Inner Fire
Week 1
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Bruce Lee Flow
This is my Bruce Lee fun flow! Move your energy by moving your breath in this faster pace class. Full spectrum practice with a little bit of ab work!
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Strengthen and Stretch
These are foundational tools for your upper body. This class allows you to work on wrist and shoulder flexibility as well as active mobility. Enjoy!
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Release Tension in Your Shoulders
In this class we take the shoulders through internal and external rotation work. Have fun exploring some of my favorite poses for the upper body!
Week 2
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Journey to Tiger Pose
Let's stretch the entire front body from thighs to chest preparing us for our peak pose King Tiger! This sequence also helps me release anxiety.
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Outer Hip Strength
If I was to give my students homework, it would be the drills done in this class! They stabilize your low back and build your strength for inversions.
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Release Tension
Every Vinyasa practitioner should take this class as "maintenance" work. Focus of this class will be releasing the hip flexors.
Week 3
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Condition and Flow
Let's began by conditioning the body and continue moving with a hip focused flow! Find the balance between strength and flexibility yogis!
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Bend and Straight Arm Strength
In this class, we work both on bent and straight arm strength through repetitive drills. This helps to establish a strong foundation for inversions!
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Hamstrings and Hips
One of my favorite Yin sequences to release the spine by placing the focus on our hamstrings and hips. Relax and let go yogis.

About Program

During the winter, things are colder, more dense and heavy—not only physically, but also emotionally.   In this season, it’s good to activate the flow of energy in your body and get rid of that sluggish feeling by stoking the inner fire.  In this program, we do just that through an exploration of Flow, Conditioning and Yin—helping us focus on what we want to bring forth in our lives.

Level: Intermediate 
Duration: 3 weeks 
Time Required: 30-40 mins