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Intro to Stretch
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Lower Body Stretches Intermediate
The first 15 minutes of this class is spent in supine poses opening up hips, hamstrings and spine. These poses will prepare the body for class:)
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Release Tension in Your Hips Intermediate
Every Vinyasa practitioner should take this class as "maintenance" work. Focus of this class will be releasing the hip flexors.
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Release Tension in Your Shoulders Intermediate
In this class we take the shoulders through internal and external rotation work. Enjoy exploring some of my favorite poses to open up!
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All the Stretches Intermediate
No part of the body is left unworked in this class! Energetic cleanse for the body and mind that will lead us to deep hip flexors work and backbends!
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Hamstring Focused Stretches Intermediate
Class starts with supine hamstring stretches. We than move into lunges and asymmetrical forward folds helping us to release tension in the low back.
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Hamstrings and Hips Class Intermediate
Ready to release tension in your hips and hamstrings? This class is designed to do exactly that! Don't skip mobility work my Vinyasa yogis!
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Lengthen Your Body Intermediate
Welcome to my playground! This class lengthens out the whole body and releases tension in the mind. This should be a must for Vinyasa yogis!

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