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Intro to Vinyasa Flow
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No Vinyasa Yasa Intermediate
We take out the traditional vinyasa in today's class and move through Skandasana instead. Great option for those dealing with wrist issues.
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Fluid Flow Intermediate
Awaken and energize your body in this short and effective mighty flow! We move through a bit of core work, standing postures as we breathe and move!
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No Stress Intermediate
Get into your body and out of your mind in this well rounded short and effective flow. Keep breathing. You've got this!
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In the Zone Intermediate
Well rounded flow that will help release the psoas helping you open the body and quiet the mind. Stay in the game of life yogis!
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Energetic Flow Intermediate
We begin class with a dynamic flow allowing us to shift the energy in the body so that we may release the restlessness of the mind. Enjoy yogis!
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Move and Groove Intermediate
Class starts with a quick warm up designed to build heat in the body. We continue with classical standing postures and ends with a front body release.
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Happy Hips Intermediate
This simple and effective movement flow gives us the chance to check in and see how we are doing physically and mentally. Exhale unneccessary tension.
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Condition and Flow Intermediate
Let's began by conditioning the body and continue moving with a hip focused flow! Find the balance between strength and flexibility yogis!
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The Reset Intermediate
This slower moving Hatha flow gives you the opportunity to study your foundation and notice the missing links. Ground and lengthen yogis!
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Journey to Tiger Pose Intermediate
Class will stretch out the entire front body from thighs to chest helping us with our peak pose King Tiger! This sequence will help release anxiety.
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Journey to Crow Pose Intermediate
In my opinion, Crow pose is where your arm balance journey should start. When done correctly, it can help you learn the mechanics of a press up!
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Bruce Lee Intermediate
This is my Bruce Lee fun flow! Move your energy by moving your breath in this faster pace class. Full spectrum practice with a little bit of ab work!
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Slow Flow Intermediate
Slow flow is the answer on days you want to actively move but don't want to full on vinyasa. We start with one minute stretches and keep it going!
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Feel Good Intermediate
This is a full spectrum flow. It includes a bit of everything from core work, balancing postures and options to get upside down. Enjoy yogis!
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Flow and Go Intermediate
In this short and effective class we awaken the body with a fluid flow designed to open up the hips and hamstrings. Consistency over speed yogis!
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Upper Body Flow Intermediate
Full spectrum mixed level practice with a focus on opening up the shoulders and thoracic. Connect to your breath yogis!
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Simple Flow Intermediate
Simple flow meets Unravel. For days that you don't have the energy for a crazy flow but you're also not in Yin mood. Happy medium:)
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Unravel Meets Flow Intermediate
No part of the body is left unworked in this class! This is an energetic cleanse for the body to help remove stagnant energy. Don't fight yogis!
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Mighty Flow Intermediate
Breath and movement flow with a focus on the obliques. Good for the times you need to reconnect to your core center and stoke your inner fire.
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Get Moving Intermediate
Ready to flow and go?! This class keeps it moving with a well rounded flow placing our focus on breath and movement. Enjoy yogis!
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Open Up Intermediate
Good cleansing flow for body and mind. From grounding standing postures to balancing poses and core work, we do it all! Don't skip you practice!
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Drop Backs Strong
For the yogi who is starting their drop back journey as well as for those looking to move deeper. Natarajasana will also be explored. Enjoy yogis!
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Hello Self! Intermediate
Full spectrum practice with a focus on breath and movement. Effective class when time is of the essence. Consistency over speed yogis!
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Breathe and Connect Intermediate
We keep it moving with a bit of core work, balancing postures and inversion options. Nice little Yin cool down to follow. Keep breathing yogis!
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Mini Ellavate your Edge Strong
Those that take my PYE in Los Angeles, this is a mini version of it! This class is attended by strong yogis and teachers making this adult playtime!
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Home Practice Strong
Are you a teacher or a dedicated yogi who wants to be led through a home practice today? Let's begin:) Expect a bit of everything!
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Side body Love Strong
This is a full spectrum flow leading us to our peak pose, Viparita Dandasana as well as Visvamitrasana. Let the breath be your guide yogis!
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Journey to Foot Behind the Head Strong
We explore stages of "foot behind the head" starting at the beginning of the journey and continuing to the full expression of the pose. Be patient!
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Handstand Play Strong
Ready to play? We start class with a well rounded flow focused on hamstrings and shoulders. We than take our practice upside down. Handstands anyone?
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Magical Playground Strong
This is often how I practice at home. Class will take us through different versions of "hollowback" starting with most accessible. Enjoy yogis!
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Journey to Flying Pigeon Strong
Well rounded flow with a focus on opening up the hips. This will lead us to our peak pose, flying Pigeon! Press handstands will also be explored!
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Little Beast Strong
Little beast of a class! Mini version of one of my longer classes when time is of the essence. Plenty of handstand options! Enjoy yogis!
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Journey to your Press Up Strong
I want to give you enough drills to start your press handstand journey but also bring awareness to the flexibility required to achieve this big pose!
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Journey to Shoulder Pressing Pose Strong
Our peak poses will take us to advanced versions of Shoulder Pressing Pose and Firefly. Time to fly yogis!
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Ellavate Your Flow Strong
I call this the "Ella" special! Well rounded flow with a focus on balancing both strength and flexibility. Fun arm balance options along the way!
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Journey to Flying Splits Strong
Eka Pada Galavasana, Koundinyasana II, and Dragonfly are poses we work in this class. Take an honest look at your flexibility vs your strength.
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Journey to Visvamitrasana Strong
We will explore our peak pose, Visvamitrasana from start to finish. Foot behind the head and deep backbends will also be practiced. Enjoy yogis!
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Forearm Balance Strong
Our peak poses will be Forearm Arm Balance/Pincha Mayurasana as well as Charging Scorpion. Follow Rachel for a mixed level flow or me to advance.
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Connect the Dots Strong
Great class to examine our foundation and see what might be missing. This is my remixed version of the Ashtanga primary series.

About Program

Welcome to the Yang part of Ellavateyoga.  What makes my Vinyasa classes unique is the way I sequence.  I believe that this is my gift—which I’ve cultivated through 27 years of practicing and teaching Gymnastics, Dance and Yoga.

Through my experience, it’s my opinion your Vinyasa practice should be a step- by-step progression rooted in a strong foundation.  It should help you connect the dots between a basic pose and its advanced version. Your body and mind should be brought into a state of balance by the end of class.  This is my goal when I teach—and how I attempt to be of service by sharing my knowledge, love and devotion for this practice.