Yin For The Strong Flow Yogi


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Intro To Yin For The Strong Flow Yogi
Week 1
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Janu to Straddle Advanced
We work our way to straddle by starting with different versions of Janu Sirsasana. All arm balances require open hips and hamstrings. Do the work!
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Gomukhasana and Konasana Advanced
Whether you're on the road to lotus, need flexibility for your arm balances, these two poses will help you get there. Let go yogis and don't fight!
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Lunges and Splits Advanced
Whether you want a press handstand, Koundinyasana, VIsvamitrasana you must first master your flexibility through poses shown in this class. Enjoy!
Week 2
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Double Pigeon and Paschimo Advanced
Whether your goal is to gain mobility for a press handstand, flying pigeon or just release tension in your hips and spine, this class will do it!
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1/2 Straddle 1/2 Hell Advanced
Gain flexibility for arm balances like Bakasana - Bhujapidasana-Tittibhasana with today's class. Time to release tension in the inner hips!
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Hellish Hips Advanced
Welcome to feeling all your feelings that we store in our storage units aka our hips. Enjoy releasing tension all around the inner and outer hip area!

About Program

What is stopping you from doing arm balances and inversions with ease? 

Often the answer is lack of mobility.
Yin for the strong flow yogi addresses this issue by taking an honest look at the Yin part of your practice.  Time to support your flow, yogis.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 2 weeks

Time Required: 20 mins