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Intro to Yin
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Restore Renew Relax All Levels
This practice gets into the tight spots of the outer and inner hips as well as adductors and groins. Be patient yogis and don't resist!
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Sacrum Release All Levels
This class will be spent on releasing the muscles around the sacrum via hips and hamstrings. We will also be giving the shoulders a little love!
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Side Body Stretch All Levels
Effective way to open up the muscles around the sacrum when time is of the essence. This is my go to sequence after long car rides. Enjoy!
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Spine Release All Levels
Unlock your whole spine and get grounded. We start class with a heart opener and end with legs up at the wall. Time to release and renew yogis!
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Pelvic Floor and Shoulders All Levels
Pelvic floor and shoulders date night! By far one of my favorite Yin sequences. Hit the RESET button on both body and mind. Exhale your life yogis!
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The Wall Is Your Friend All Levels
In this class we utilize our time with two different variations of half butterfly and straddle. Move to the wall and follow Matt if you're tighter.
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Release Your Fears All Levels
Class will focus on releasing our fears that often present themselves as knots in our psoas, tightening up the hip flexors. Create space yogis!
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Front Body Bliss All Levels
In this class we focus on lengthening the hip flexors and releasing tension in the spine through poses like sphinx and seal. Keep letting go yogis!
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Shoulder Opening Stretches All Levels
These are some of my favorite shoulder openers. I hold most of my stress and tension in the shoulders so its nice to show them love!. Enjoy yogis!
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Hanging with the Hammies All Levels
In this supine practice we hang out with the hamstrings and hips creating freedom in our low back and peace of mind. Grab a strap if you're tighter.
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Pause and Reflect All Levels
Ground yourself through child's pose and keep exhaling as we twist. Slow down the practice and empty the mind allowing yourself to Pause and Reflect.
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Hip Love All Levels
This class is all about feeling the crap that we throw into our hips! Go to the wall and follow James if you're high or Angelo to advance.
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Chillax All Levels
Lovely class that has us opening the whole spine and side body. We continue our work by moving to the lower giving our hips and hamstrings love!
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Make Peace All Levels
This class is great for every human and in particular for runners and cyclists. My go to sequence to release piriformis and sciatic nerve.
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Healing Practice All Levels
For the times when you find your life to be really confrontational and you need to hit “pause”. I created this sequence to help release my spine du...
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Gentle Unwind All Levels
Allow the body to release tension through some of my favorite supine hip openers. Keep letting go of unnecessary stress yogis!
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Travel with Ella All Levels
This is usually the first sequence I do when I arrive at my hotel after a long flight usually with a mask on my face! Time to unwind yogis!
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Quickie for your Hips All Levels
When time is of the essence but you need a physical and perhaps emotional release. Follow me if you're tighter or Carly to advance. Enjoy!
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Wall Yin All Levels
Yin session at the wall creating space in the hamstrings, hips and inner thighs. Try it before bed if you have a hard time sleeping.
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Bedtime Ritual All Levels
Find a wall and chill out. These poses will help open up the low back, hamstrings and inner thighs. Let this be your nightcap yogis!
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Breath Work All Levels
Simple breath work to bring you back into your body and out of your head. Try it anytime you need to ground and return back to the present moment.
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Hip Opening Stretches All Levels
Create your own adventure with this internal and external hip party! If you're tighter, follow Curly and stick with the supine options.
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Tension Relief All Levels
You know when you're feeling overwhelmed with too much outside stimuli and what you really need is some "me" time? Try this class!
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Low Back Release All Levels
In this class we start with modified straddle working our way into the full expression. Follow me if you're tight or Angelo to advance.
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Self Care All Levels
I love to practice this sequence when I'm low on energy. Grab a bolster and enjoy this lovely supine Yin practice. Learn to rest, not quit yogis!
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Yin and Unravel Mash Up Intermediate
This is perfect for days when you want a combination of Yin and movement. I hope you enjoy this style of practice as much as I do!
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Shoulders and Hips Intermediate
Shoulders and hips date night! Yin focuses so much on the lower part of the body so it's nice to give the shoulders love as well. Inhale your life!
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Tight Muscles Intermediate
Good class for anyone looking to release soreness and tension. We explore poses like malasana and straddle taking note where we need to let go.
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Hamstrings and Inner Groin Intermediate
Great way to release the low back with a focus on hamstrings and inner groin. Time to relax, renew and restore yogis!
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Create Your Own Adventure Intermediate
What are you in the mood for? Follow me or follow Matt. Class starts with either child's pose or straddle. You choose! Enjoy your adventure!
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Internal Work Intermediate
This class mainly focuses on internal hip openers where most of us are limited. If you're on the road to lotus, this would be a good class to do often
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Butterfly Party Intermediate
Release your lower half with this class that can be done at the wall or in the middle. Hips, hamstrings and spine will be our focus today!
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Quiet Time Intermediate
When you need to satisfy your inner introvert. We start off class with child's pose allowing us to ground the body. Enjoy your quiet time yogis.
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Hamstrings and Hips Intermediate
One of my favorite Yin sequences to release the spine by placing the focus on our hamstrings and hips. Relax and let go yogis.
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Deep Release Intermediate
Hips and hamstrings date night:) These are two body parts that when tight, create tension in the low back making you feel no bueno! Release yogis!
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Shoulders Intermediate
The primary focus of this class is to open up the shoulders and heart center. This will allow us to counter pose our life of rounding forward. Enjoy
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1/2 Straddle 1/2 Hell Advanced (NEW)
Gain flexibility for arm balances like Bakasana - Bhujapidasana-Tittibhasana with today's class. Time to release tension in the inner hips!
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Hellish Hips Advanced (NEW)
Welcome to feeling all your feelings that we store in our storage units aka our hips. Enjoy releasing tension all around the inner and outer hip area!
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Janu to Straddle Advanced (NEW)
We work our way to straddle by starting with different versions of Janu Sirsasana. All arm balances require open hips and hamstrings. Do the work!
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Double Pigeon and Paschimo Advanced (NEW)
Whether your goal is to gain mobility for a press handstand, flying pigeon or just release tension in your hips and spine, this class will do it!
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Lunges and Splits Advanced
Whether you want a press handstand, Koundinyasana, VIsvamitrasana you must first master your flexibility through poses shown in this class. Enjoy!
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Gomukhasana and Konasana Advanced
Whether you're on the road to lotus, need flexibility for your arm balances, these two poses will help you get there. Let go yogis and don't fight!
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Extreme Yin Advanced
In this class, we get right into it with straddle, dragon and splits. Not appropriate for beginners or if you're dealing with a hamstring injury.
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Angry Hips Advanced
This is the sequence I do when I'm feeling extra tight in my hips. Be patient with yourself and allow whatever emotions come up to release.

About Program

These classes compliment the Yang practice in your life whether you’re an athlete or primarily practice Vinyasa.  It is necessary for your bones, joints, fascia and connective tissue to be exercised in the right way.  As we age, we lose the mobility in the body and Yin Yoga is the antidote to this.  As you regain mobility in the body, the nervous system gets to relax and the mind begins to empty. Yin is an important piece of the puzzle in maintaining a practice with longevity.